Player & Team Conduct

1) Good Sporting Behaviour: Teams and associated parties are required to show good sporting behaviour on and off the playing area, before, during, and after games.

2) Drugs and Alcohol: Playing under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this rule will result in a Level 4 Disciplinary Sanction - Indefinite Suspension. See 'Disciplinary Sanctions' for a detailed description.

3) Unsporting Behaviour: Abuse of any kind directed at any BWSL participant(s) - league volunteers, officials, opposition, teammates, etc. - will not be tolerated and has no place in BWSL activities.

   -Incidents of unsporting behaviour by any party affiliated with the team (players, coaches, fans, parents, etc.) will be addressed by League Officials/Volunteers and may result in forfeiture of the game or individual facing Disciplinary Sanctions (see below).

   -Any decisions made by game staff are to be adhered to; failure to comply will result in further disciplinary action.

   -In all incidents of unsporting behaviour, all involved parties will be immediately and indefinitely suspended from all BWSL activities. Suspensions will stand until notified otherwise by the BWSL. A response from the BWSL following the incident(s) will indicate appeal procedures, etc., if applicable.

   -Unidentified Players: If there is uncertainty about the identity of any involved parties, the individual(s) &/or team(s) involved may be suspended until further review.

4) Disciplinary Sanctions: The following is a description of potential sanctions according to and including the examples listed. Any violation may be subject to any level of sanction. Examples are not exclusive to each level.

LEVEL 1 - Game Misconduct: A participant may receive a game misconduct and be required to sit out the remainder of the game. (E.g., Abuse of an official, fighting.)

LEVEL 2 - Game Misconduct and Multiple Game Suspension: A participant will be assessed a game misconduct (Level 1 Sanction) and be suspended for additional games. (E.g., Abuse of an official, abuse of a player, continued abuse after ejection, malicious foul/penalty, etc.)

LEVEL 3 -Season Suspension: A player, or person affiliated with a team (like a coach/supporter etc), may receive a season suspension from all BWSL activities. (E.g., continued misconduct, etc.)

LEVEL 4 - Indefinite Suspension: A player, or person affiliated with a team (like a coach/supporter etc), may be suspended from all future involvement in BWSL activities. (E.g., Playing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.)

PROBATION: Any player who was assessed a Level 1 or Level 2 Disciplinary Sanction will remain on probation. Any further serious unsporting behaviour by players on probation will result in immediate removal of the player from league competition without appeal (Level 3 or Level 4 consequence).

Parent Code Of Conduct

​Any parent attending a BWSL game or event agrees to the following:

  1. I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, captains, and officials at every game and soccer event.

  2. I will place the emotional and physical well being of my daughter ahead of a personal desire to win.

  3. I will support captains and officials working with my daughter in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all.

  4. I will refrain from sideline coaching and from engaging in any disagreement or confrontation with referees, players, or spectators from any team.

  5. I will encourage my daughter to treat all players, captains, fans, and officials with respect.

  6. I will address problems and concerns calmly, seeking solutions at a proper time and location. I will refrain from discussions and confrontations with the game officials/captains in public.


I understand that participation in an athletic program is a privilege, which can be denied or suspended for violation of the rules and regulations or this code of conduct. I promise to live up to the standards and commitments outlined here and not jeopardize this experience for my daughter.

CAPTAIN Code Of Conduct

Team captains will assume full responsibility for their players to obey the following:

1. I will respect the referees. I will hold my teammates accountable to do the same.

2. I pledge that my team will abide by the rules, policies, and guidelines set forth by the Brockville Women's Soccer League.

3. I will encourage good sportsmanship through my actions, by demonstrating positive support for all players. I will encourage all of my players to do the same.

4. I will lead by example and show respect for all facilities used by my team.

5. I will treat all players, officials, and spectators, with dignity in language, attitude, behavior, and mannerisms. I will hold my teammates accountable to the same levels of respect.

6. I understand the Brockville Women's Soccer League's values include access for all, regardless of ability or income; the promotion of healthy lifestyles for women and fair play and sportsmanship at all levels.

7. I will learn the signs and symptoms of a concussion and I will act in the best interest of the participant in relation to concussion symptoms.

8. I will take responsibility of game attendance, on a weekly basis, to ensure my team has enough players to safely field a team. If I am in need of spare players, I will make a request (following proper league channels) giving as much notice as possible.

I agree to adhere to, support, and promote the codes as stated above.

I understand and will enforce my players to obey these rules. I further understand that I will be my team's contact person for the Brockville Women's Soccer League, and it is my responsibility to inform my team of schedules and league standings.

General Rules & Regulations

1. Soccer cleats and shin pads must be worn in all games. Shin pads must be worn under the soccer socks and must be covered.

2. Knee and leg braces must be wrapped or covered completely to avoid injuring another player. This also includes casts and other sports or protective braces.

3. No jewellery of any kind can be exposed during the game. (This excludes wearing a Fitbit. If the device is not a smooth plastic model, it should be covered. If there is any issue, the final decision will be the discretion of the BWSL President)

4. Team uniform (tops) must be worn for all games. 

5. BWSL has a zero tolerance policy towards ref/ player assault, verbal or physical. All ref’s decisions are final. Players contradicting or questioning ref’s decisions or calls will not be tolerated and can result in disciplinary action including being removed from the game and or the league.

6. No refunds will be issued. (Except for the refund of a wait list deposit to a player who does not get a spot on a team. A wait list deposit will not be refunded if a spot is offered to a player and they decline &/or fail to respond.)

7. If a team does not have a designated full time goalie, the position will be filled on a rotational basis by all the players on the team.

8. Game cancellation policy: If a game must be cancelled due to weather, or some other issue preventing the use of the field at the scheduled game time, due notice will be given via Social Media and Captains' mode of communication to their teams. Barring hail or a tornado, typically the only weather to be concerned of is a storm that has lightning. If this type of storm is in effect before game time, a game may be cancelled and players will be notified. If this occurs during a game, the decision to end a game will be according to the referee's discretion.

9. Min Players to play a game is 7. If both the teams agree; a waiting period can be granted  until the team(s) have 7 players. No time is made up for this wait, the game is shortened by the delay time. 

10. All games must start on time, if teams are not ready, the time starts regardless and your game is shortened to ensure it ends on time. It is the team’ responsibility to be ready to start when the ref blows the whistle. Games are 90mins if they start on time, with a 5 minute half time. Half time can be shorten to allow the game to be played. Half time can be lengthened/duplicated due to weather/safety concerns Team reps and refs discretion.

11. Spare players may join a team if the amount of registered players attending a game, from that team, drops to less than 3 subs. The amount of players, when including spares, cannot exceed 14 players.

12. Players wishing to spare for teams must be registered players of the league.

13. Player receives a Yellow card- team captain is required to report it to BWSL within 24 hours. Second Yellow card in the same game results in the player being ejected from the game.

14. YELLOW Card is issued: Team captain you are required to ask the ref  to sub off the player with the yellow card as a cool down period of a few mins. This is not OPTIONAL. The other team`s player who was also involved in the play if they did not get a card- you do not have to sub them however you should- if they don`t cool off then it leads to more problems.

15. Red card is a game ejection/possible suspension- team captain is required to report it to BWSL within 24 hours.

16. If a team is unable to field a team, the opposing team will share players to evenly field two teams for a fun game. If there are too few players for a full field game, a half field game can be played with less players.

17.  Any team/player changes during the season are at the approval of the BWSL.

18. No player is allowed to play prior to remitting full payment of the player registration fee.

19. BWSL reserves the right to change its General Rules and Regulations.

20. Decisions of the BWSL will be final in all aspects of this League.

21. If a player has been seriously injured or sick the BWSL reserves the right to ask the player for a doctors note before the player can continue to play. No note, no playing. Players who are injured in a game, must leave the field and not immediately resume playing.

22. Players must be 16 years of age, or older, at the start of the season.