Dear BWSL Participants,

We understand that during these challenging times, you may feel uncertain about what is to come and that there is a lot that you feel you can't control right now (aside from hand-washing and practicing social-distancing!).

The league is choosing to move forward positively and to plan for another great season (that we hope we will all be able to enjoy!). That being said, we want to reassure you that IF the #2020 Brockville Women's Soccer League season were cancelled, in this unprecedented circumstance, you WOULD RECEIVE A REFUND.

Depending on how long a cancellation decision took to make, there is a possibility that the league would have already had to buy team uniforms, in anticipation of/to be prepared for the upcoming season. If this were the case, as no one needs another uniform (especially for a team they never played with) we would apply a credit of the cost of the jersey ($30) per player that paid/registered towards the 2021 season. These uniforms would then be used for the 2021 season. We will attempt to hold off on purchasing the jerseys this year, for as long as possible, to avoid the need to credit anyone.

Furthermore, we have a payment plan to help with paying fees:
If players want to get in on the 2020 early bird deal ($110, which ends on April 11th), they can register and pay at least half of that registration fee ($55 minimum - non-refundable IF the season were still happening) and then pay their remaining fees by May 11th - instead of April 11th (if they missed the May 11th deadline their 2nd payment would no longer reflect the early bird price and increase by $20). Players registering after April 11th are not be eligible for the 2020 early bird price or payment plan.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the above information, please feel free to email: or send a private message to this account.

Take care and be well,


2020 League Updates!
Exciting 2020 Updates!.png
2019 League Updates!

We are on Instagram!

Find us on Instagram at @brockvillewomenssoccer! Share your soccer related posts using the hashtag #brockvillewomenssocer :)

Introducing the 2017 TEAM THEME CHALLENGE!
On July 13th, all teams are challenged to come up with the most creative, hilarious, ridiculous, in-sync, FUN team themed costume to wear to their game that night (& yes, to play in as well - these games will be shorter due to the social taking place at Keystorm at 9pm). A judging panel will vote for the best 'Team Theme' and that team will win an AWESOME mystery prize! If you have any questions, please speak with your captain :) They will also be spreading the word over the next few weeks!

Picture Day on June 15th!

Get your autograph pens ready ladies! Next week, on June 15th, is team picture night! Not only that, but our team photos will be taken by, and printed in, snapd 1000 Islands! Even if you are injured, try to come out and get your picture taken with your team! Copies of the pictures will be shared with everyone later in the season :)

Wanna Spare?

Due to the nature of our schedule this year, an exciting option for those willing is to help out other teams by sparing! Teams that drop to less than 3 subs will be looking for help! If you play late and are available for the 7pm game, come early with your gear to watch the game & you might get asked to play! If you play at 7pm and still have some 'gas in the tank' after your game, hang around for the late games and you might get asked to help them out! Not only does this flexibility help to make sure teams have enough subs to safely play their games, it is some added exercise & playing time for the spares AND an opportunity to get to know all of the great women in our league! Regardless of sparing, we encourage everyone to come early & stay late to check out the games, cheer each other on & get to know everyone. If you have any questions, feel free to email

rain delay :(

Attention BWSL! 
The City of Brockville is delaying the opening of Memorial Park Soccer & Athletic Fields until further notice. The fields are over-saturated and any play will result in damage to the playing fields. 
 At this point, the City is hopeful that they will be able to open the fields on May 26, 2017 - BUT this will be dependent upon field conditions.
Therefore, the Brockville Women's Soccer League will commence on Thursday, June 1st! 
Please pass this along to anyone you know who is playing this summer.

The League is FULL & WAIT LIST is open!

The 2017 Brockville Women's Soccer League is officially FULL! If you are still interested in playing, please register and pay a refundable $50 deposit to secure your spot on the wait list. There are LIMITED spots available on the wait list - so get your friends/family to register ASAP! (at

Players will be selected to fill teams on a first come, first serve basis. If you are selected to play on a team, you will be required to pay a (pro-rated) remaining registration fee. There will also be an option to direct your $50 deposit fee towards sparing for the league, which would cover player insurance and up to 4 games.

The deposit fee is refundable if no spot is made available in the league. The fee is not refundable if a spot is made available and it is declined or the player fails to respond.
If you have any questions, email


The 2017 Brockville Women's Soccer League Season will include 6 TEAMS! 
If you are currently on the wait list, please check your email as instructions have been sent to you to secure your spot in the league!
There are LIMITED spots available to register before another wait list opens - so get your friends/family to register ASAP! (at
If you have any questions, please send this group a message or email
Let's keep spreading the word :)